One app for all your financial needs.
Inclusive. Accessible. Fast. Cheap.

We enable users to make digital payments for a growing number of services such as bill payments, cell phone top-ups and municipal and utility payments, and much more.

Many modern conveniences, such as using a credit card, online shopping, and international money transfers, are still exclusive to fully banked customers.

We make it simple and offer all financial services within IPSIPay App. Our solution is fast, cheap, secure, and does NOT require having a bank account.

Using IPSIPay, IPSI Wallet, IPSI Payroll, IPSI Coin, and the IPSI Kiosk, customers can deposit cash, send money, pay bills, receive paychecks, and more.


IPSIPay’s USD-backed stable coin, IPSICoin, offers a multitude of advantages to customers, including the ability to top-up in many currencies and faster, cheaper money transfers across borders.

This decentralized currency also gives customers more control over their own finances and ensures they can utilize their money without traditional banking restrictions.

IPSI Wallet
0% Funding fees.
Free to fund, always.

IPSIPay’s dynamic digital wallet offers a one-touch solution for customers. IPSIPay allows for payments, remittances, betting, cash advances and more, and empowers our customers to engage in the growing digital economy.

No tech? No problem. IPSIPay offers a prepaid card that allows our customers to get paid, top-up and withdraw funds, shop online, receive money transfers – even without a smartphone. The balance of this card will also be reflected in IPSIPay App.

Top Up with Cash, Card Money Transfers / Payouts

IPSIPay for Business

on a higher level.

IPSIPay is connecting people to people, consumers to merchants, businesses to their employees, and communities to the digital economy.

Businesses can access a variety of services using IPSIPay’s platform, such as quickly and easily paying employees and freelancers directly with an IPSIPay Card and accessing loans without entering a brick-and-mortar bank.


For businesses looking for better ACH options, IPSIPay has introduced IPSIPayroll, which allows employees to receive their paychecks directly in their IPSIPay Digital Wallet.

Customers can also opt to receive money on one of our pre-paid cards, which can be used to withdraw funds, shop online, send money, and more.

How it works?
IPSIPay user deposits to a designated account online or via kiosk and receives an equivalent number of IPSI Coins
Using a blockchain network these coins are able to perform various types of financial transactions
Holders of IPSIPay Coins have immediate access to funds
Our Kiosks
IPSIPay kiosks ensure digital payment solutions are possible for those without smartphones or computer access. This technology enables consumers to deposit cash, convert it to a digital form and remit the funds in its network quickly and securely. In 2019 these kiosks processed over $17 million in transactions across Mexico.
IPSI Kiosk provides value:
For businesses
For consumers
  • Serves as an additional revenue source.
  • Attracts new traffic and potential customers.
  • Offers remote software updates and monitoring, making the kiosks low maintenance.
  • Is easy to use, with little need for customer service intervention; and
  • Requires minimal staff training and overhead.
  • Offers a more comfortable alternative for making payments for cash-dependent unbanked individuals and those uncomfortable with online payments
  • Is accessible 24/7 for bill payment services.

Customer installs IPSIPay application to pay for any service in Mexico, and has the ability to make transfers to his/her loved ones in Mexico. The transaction takes place via purchase of IPSICoins and can be done with any form of funds, whether its cryptocurrency, cash, ACH transfer etc.

All transfers are made online and with a minimum applicable fee. IPSIPay App has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, where customers can easily manage and store their funds.

Contact Information
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We respect your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or loan any information to any third party. Any information you give us is held with the utmost care and security, and will be used only in ways to which you have consented.
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